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Customization allows players to upgrade any of their cars to reach greater levels of performance on the streets.
By installing different combinations of engines, brakes and other types of parts, players can create the perfect balance of speed and control to create a car which matches their driving style.
Before you start tuning your car it's important to understand the rating system we use for all cars.Car performance is measured by the following ratings:
- Overall - Combined performance of your car. Generally, a car with a higher overall rating will be better than one with a lower rating, although this depends on how you handle the car.
- Top Speed - How fast your car can drive.
- Acceleration - How quickly a car gains speed.
- Handling - How well a car turns.

You can tune several areas of your car by installing various performance parts. These include:
- Engine
- Forced induction
- Transmission
- Suspension
- Brakes
- Tires

Each part has an effect on the Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling ratings which is displayed as a percentage on screen.
This represents how much the car's performance will increase towards its tuning limit when the part is installed.
The increase in ratings will differ with each car model.

Different parts will improve the car in different ways:
- Engines, Forced Induction & Transmission usually give larger boosts to Top Speed and Acceleration ratings
- Suspension, Brakes and Tires help boost the Handling rating

Each part is unique and has a specific set of characteristics including:
Each performance part is made by a particular manufacturer and these companies apply different levels of performance bias when making their products.

TIP: For instance, 'Omnia Racegruppe' manufactures parts that give greater Top Speed bonuses with poorer Handling, while Nova-T products typically provide better Handling but at reduced Top Speed and Acceleration ratings.

Parts are classified by their stages.

These are:
- Street - Most common type; smallest impact on performance
- Race - Not very common, medium impact on performance
- Pro - Rare with significant impact on performance.

Parts are tagged with a rarity within each performance stage, which is shown by a color.
Stronger colors usually imply higher performance levels.
- 1st Level = Improved
- 2nd Level = Sport
- 3rd Level = Tuned

There are two main ways to get performance parts:

Basic parts can be purchased directly from the Performance Shop.
You will find this in the Safehouse screen.
You use in-game Cash to purchase basic parts from the Performance Shop.
The prices for parts are based on the performance level so the better the part the greater the price.

The more rare a part is the greater performance it will offers. These can be won via Lucky Draw.
Rare parts appear more often in the Lucky Draw for Multiplayer races so you have a much better chance to get Rare cards than racing in Single Player.

TIP: Different parts are won from different races, so players should try different events to discover what parts they can win from each event